Learning in an online classroom environment eliminates the majority of distractions found in physical schools
The smaller class sizes allow more one-to-one time with the teacher 
There is a private chat feature that enables the teacher to receive questions and queries
Online lessons are recorded and stored in an archive that is permanently accessible, making revision studies simple 
Attending an online school means no commute to a physical school allowing more time for extra-curricular activities and hobbies
Parents and pupils can access progress and reports whenever necessary

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Offering iGCSEs and A Levels to students of both in the UK and abroad


What We Do

Infinity Education, part of the Wey Education Plc, is an online selective school that provides premium secondary school education to UK and overseas high achieving students. Highly cost effective, delivered in a comparable manner to traditional independent schools, Infinity Education utilises teaching technology favoured and familiar with students to facilitate education and learning helping them to achieve exceptional academic standards and outcomes.


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Our Curriculum

 We believe that it is essential for all students to study a wide curriculum and to develop their knowledge and understanding beyond the confines of the academic subjects they are studying. Universities and the world of work require a skill set that shows adaptability, resilience and independence of thought. 


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What We Offer

Through the innovative use of online technology Infinity Education brings together talented teaching staff and bright, aspiring students into a school environment where intellectual and academic ability is the norm and is celebrated. The school will offer an exceptional independent education for fees well below those of traditional independent schools offering similar educational outcomes. Infinity Education offers an A Level revision course at Easter 2017..


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Extra Curricular Activities

We actively encourages all our students to play a part in clubs, activities and societies both through the school itself and in the students’ own local community.  Part of the Infinity experience will be for all students to develop their social and communication skills through the extra-curricular programs and to be physically active.


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The Benefits of Online Learning

Online learning, or e-learning, offers a number of advantages for students and parents looking to benefit from home schooling. 



School Office
Infinity Education
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